TOP WALGREENS Tip For Coupon Beginners

Hey Pretty Mamas!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  This weekend we worked on a better method at Walgreens because we always have a bad experience at checkout and we found one!!

Our problem started with the digitally coupons clipped to the card. I don’t know if others have had this same problem but we have been told by the cashiers that they can NOT see the digitally received coupons until AFTER the transaction has take place. SO, we had no idea whether or not the coupons went through like planned and most of the time in the end it did not. 🙁

I don’t know if all know this or not, but Walgreens have their own coupons separate from manufacturing coupons. So by not digitally clipping them we would miss out on possible deals that can be doubled.

We thought about it and changed our strategies to NOT digitally clipping the coupons but to going back to the manual way by clipping them by hand.  BUT… instead of actually clipping the whole Walgreen booklet we just sticky note the pages we are going to use that day and bring the booklet with us.  It has improved our Walgreens shopping by 100% because not only we can make sure the coupon is correctly scanned, we can also, better match manufacturing coupons with their coupons by having them in hand for comparison.


TIP **How you can get the Walgreen’s coupons by hand is just simply by stopping in and grabbing a monthly saving book at the front of the store.***

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