Kmart Double Coupon Days

What a crazy experience we had at the Kmart double coupon days!?!?!

First off, I got an older man who barely knew how to scan the coupons and missed giving me three different coupons.  I just got tired of telling him about it and him not understanding so I just purchased the items and then returned them to customer service.

I don’t know if others’ Kmart is the same but ours was very outdated.  The front computers were very old as well and very finicky when it came to scanning a coupon.  Which is partly their old computer and partly because Kmart has such a strict coupon policy. Also, have others’ notice how expensive their pricing is compared to Target?  I saw clearance marked items and felt so excited only to realize that their clearance items were only marked down by $1.00 off.

My sister was able to get somewhat of a good deal so I will explain her Kmart breakdown.

If your not a Kmart rewards member, sign up right away because it gave us a coupon for $10 off of $30. (Be sure to add this coupon to your card before going)

Little Ones Diapers box size 3: 24.99

Febreze: 2 for $6.00

Pentel Pack of 6 Pens: $2.50

Chips Ahoy: 2 for $5

=Total: $34.49

-Coupon: $10 off of $30

-Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Febreze – PG 8/30 (cashier gave her $3.00 only)

**Plus wanted to use TWO Coupons on Febreze: $0.75/1   BUT they wouldn’t let us**

-Coupon: $0.75/2 Chips Ahoy – SS 8/9 (coupon doubled making it $1.50)

-Coupon: $1.00/1 4 pk of Pentel Pens (coupon doubled making it $2.00)

=Total OOP: $21.99

That was the best deals we could get. Sorry everyone I wish we could of done better too! Let us know if there are deals we are missing or what we are doing wrong.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the manager said the Kmart rewards program is run as a separate entity than Kmart itself. So if you have problem with the rewards they can’t do anything to help you.  You have to call the Kmart rewards specifically.

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