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We are a little bit past our official three months into couponing and blogging.  I have been trying so hard to get as many deals posted for everyone as possible. For those that do follow us I guess you mostly know that we usually only post from three different stores. Target, CVS and Walgreens.  Sometimes I post some deals from Albertsons and Wal-Mart. I wish we could provide more store options for everyone but maybe as time moves on we can coordinate with some viewers to help us out.  In this third month journey update I am going to go through our, 1. Coupon Struggles and 2. Earning Money From Blogging.

Coupon Struggles – Well we have definitely been through our ups and downs. Specially when we were “chasing” the best savings possible.  What I mean by that is when we would go out everyday with this huge money saving plan in our heads and get to a certain place with our expectations blown.  Sometimes our expectation we blown due to our personal faults in miscalculating and sometimes they were blown when we got to a cashier or manager that looked like their store was just beyond coupons and kind of made me feel embarrassed or like I was thief. I guess that is why it is nice to have a partner in couponing with because they are right there to build your spirits back up again and to come up with a plan in avoiding that particular cashier or manager.  We do basically know now who we would like to checkout with as a cashier and the others we call them “Coupon Police.” I had one man who made me start this term “Coupon Police” who literally looked at every item and the coupon and if the coupon didn’t match the picture (which it doesn’t need to) he would argue with me on accepting that coupon.  Which did make me feel very embarrassed as the line grew longer behind me. In the last several weeks we have slowed down enormously!! I miss our little daily adventures a lot but it is also less stressful to grab less and narrow down your exact needs.  I guess we have reached that point now because we have a good year worth stockpile on most items.  Before I move on I do want to mention that Target does tell us now that they have a strict 10 coupons only policy and anything more a manager has to come over and that manager will choose whether she will let you use more or not.  Also, I was reading at that when a coupon says something like redeemable or available at Walmart that is only a suggestion and not a restriction.  Here is the link to that statement. 


Earning Money From Blogging – This blog only earns money if someone click a link to print a coupon. I have registered to affiliates with several other companies like and but it’s hard for me to push something through my website if I don’t know what my viewers like. We haven’t got a real steady base in viewers yet and I don’t know if some internet deals would be an interest to them too. I just know that I don’t want this blog to become like the Krazy Lady Coupon Blog (love them, they remind me of us and crack me up with their sense of humor!!) in the sense sometimes there is an overwhelming amount of deals from all over.  -unless- it is something my readers would want covered.  Anyways..back to the money prospect so far in the last three months our site has only made about $40.00. We are not allowed to cash out or do anything else until we earn $100. Which I can not WAIT because there are somethings on the site that I really want to update and just can’t do until we can make a little from it. SO please please print the coupons here!! If our site continues for six months and we can seem to get 1000 Facebook likes we can move up to a higher paying coupon affiliate (meaning a coupon affiliate that is willing to pay us more per click or customer printing a coupon). Please if you have not like us on facebook!! Click HERE!! AND IF there is something that you would like to add or us to do differently please let us know in the comments below!!

Thank you all so so so much!! I hope everyone is ready for the holiday seasons – we’re excited because we hear that this time of year is the best time to save!! Take care of yourselves and let us know if you need anything!!


Love your Pretty Mama Couponers ~ Jessica & Armida~~

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