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Hey Fellow Pretty Mama Couponers!!

Here is a little background information as to how we started this journey and blog into couponing.  We are a family of 8-adults, 1-four year old and 2- infants. This consists of: my husband and I, plus our four year old and 8 month old, my brother and his wife (which I will always refer to as my sister), plus their 10 month old, my mom and dad and finally my sister-in-law’s sister and her husband.  We are one big happy family!!  With such a big family and the cost of groceries and other products, my sister and I made a goal to get what our families need without breaking our bank for family fun days. Adding all this time to couponing and the experiences that we are going through, I decided that creating a blog to track our journey would be a great way not only for others to learn from but for as well us to look back on.

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